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Letter: Feed the bears


Dear Editor:

Alicia Evans’ letter to editor “On Columbus and the bears” spoke eloquently to the heart of the bear issue in Aspen.

All residents and visitors also should take to heart and heed.

We do indeed need to fix the problems we, residents and visitors, have created for bears. If bears are hungry and driven to break-ins, they are only trying to survive.

Treatment of the bears in Aspen has been appalling and consequences brutal.

I would be glad to contribute to any fund established to feed the bears, which seems to be the driving issue.

What is wrong with letting them feed at the city landfill? Or at designated feeding stations away from town and harm? Other communities, including Vail, have done this with success.

Every summer brings more and more concern and discussion. Our thinking of their being hungry, driven away and/or euthanized is deeply upsetting — intolerable!

Truly, it’s horrendous to think of them as so very hungry because we have usurped their habitat. Aspen needs to fix this.

Candy Hamm

Palm Beach, Fla