Letter: Fear the establishment

Autism in America skyrocketed from one child in 2,500 20 years ago to one in 48 today. Autism was on pace to infect half of our children by 2025 until the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that autism had suddenly, inexplicably remained constant between 2010 and 2012.

News of this miracle was released concurrent with the Tribeca Film Festival’s exclusion of “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.” While “Vaxxed” is actually pro-vaccine, it exposes the horrendous cost of bad and badly administered vaccines.

“Vaxxed” also exposes corruption committed by the CDC and the medical establishment. Dr. William Thompson, a senior CDC scientist, admits that in 2004 he and others falsified a study linking autism to the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. Thus, the first evidence linking autism to a vaccine was buried for a decade while the study was altered to establish that there was no link.

“Vaxxed” was directed by Andy Wakefield, a highly regraded British doctor until he discovered a relationship between gastrointestinal distress, caused by vaccines, and autism. He also questions the safety of combining vaccines and the wisdom of injecting newborns with overwhelming doses of multiple viruses and toxins. No surprise, the medical establishment maliciously stripped Wakefield of license and honor and crushed his research. Meanwhile, autism continues to devastate lives, and Wakefield strives to be heard.

Once again, the CDC is exposed as fundamentally corrupt, as in 2001 when a growing consensus, confirmed today, insisted that fluoridation is based on the false premise that fluoride prevents cavities by drinking it. Over a decade ago, it was becoming obvious that fluoride only works topically, when rubbed directly upon the surface of a tooth. Therefore there is absolutely no medical reason to drink fluoride.

Numerous authorities, including the World Health Organization, confirm this reality as they report that tooth decay is the same with or without fluoridation. So, instead of admitting error and promoting positive change, the CDC brazenly, amorally announced that adding fluoride (a neurotoxin, being linked to multiple diseases, including autism) to public water is one of the greatest accomplishments in public health, propaganda that effectively conceals the truth to this day.

Fluoride and vaccines are supremely important to the medical establishment because entire populations are required “to take their medicine.” Meanwhile, Robert DeNiro, founder of Tribeca, having endured the establishment’s wrath, now encourages people to watch “Vaxxed” and engage in “a much-needed dialogue.”

Will Kesler

Snowmass Village