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Letter: Fast-skiing naysayers

To all the people who believe that people shouldn’t ski fast on Aspen Mountain: By definition, Aspen Mountain is an “experts only” mountain! Ifg you don’t like people skiing fast, go to another mountain!

To the rumor that ski instructors will now become the speed police, let them catch me first, and perhaps if they stopped skiing their students from one side all the way to the other and left some room for people to get by, there would be fewer altercations. Also, if Aspen Skiing Co. doesn’t want people to go so fast, perfaps it should stop grooming the mountain like a freaking highway. The runs are groomed to go fast on, and though I agree that out-of-control or backward skiing at speed should be stopped or ticketed, what about those of us who have been skiing fast but in control for 40 years?

It is moronic to groom the mountain the way it is and not expect people to go fast. This is not a beginner mountain. If you can’t stand people going fast around you, then go to a different mountain! There are no green runs on Ajax. So, go to a different mountain!

Scott Miller