Letter: Fashioning possibility for economic development

Great news story about a new economic-development possibility for Rifle and Garfield County, “Clothing designer looking at Rifle activity” (Rifle Citizen Telegram, July 17).

I have known Maggie Burns, Denver fashion designer and owner of Marie-Margot Couture, since 2009. She’s industrious, sincere, creative, forward-looking and straight-up.

Burns’ clothing-manufacturing efforts in Rifle can influence economic development through the cluster effect and attracting other Denver fashion designers’ business.

Just bear in mind that all involved must be serious, dedicated, production-minded and forward-thinking and-doing. Also do know that fashion designers and their fashion house are evermore linked with the motion-picture industry.

Now, where are those commercial-loan bankers and venture capitalists to boost this possible fashion moneymaking baby way beyond what Burns presently anticipates?

It’s show time! Let the fashion show begin!

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen