Letter: Farewell to Fort Frog

While Fort Frog burning down Sunday made the front page as a story (“Fire destroys Fort Frog cabin on Buttermilk,” The Aspen Times, May 23), to those of us who have Fort Frog as a part of our history, it read as the loss of a great friend.

Fort Frog was built by ski-industry icon Jerry “Bergie” Berg, designed by Jerry “Mad Max” Begly, the amazing kids instructor, and named for Greg “Frog” Fortin, an iconic Buttermilk ski instructor and supervisor.

It was a place to gather, celebrate, throw snowballs, look for Max the Moose and watch kids play. It was also to those of us in the Buttermilk Ski School much more than just a structure but a compilation of tributes and memories.

While we look to create new memories and rebuild, what we will do to honor the memory of this magical place in the meantime is what we have done as the Buttermilk Children’s Ski School for decades: honor the memory of those who came before us; find fun and teach skill in every bump, powder stash and tree trail on the mountain; and introduce each new generation to the sport of skiing and the play and adventure that is Buttermilk.

Farewell to Fort Frog — we will miss you, dear friend, and continue to honor your spirit.

Alex Kendrick

Buttermilk Children’s Ski School coordinator