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Letter: Family deserved more

Your article about Will Graham was shameful and filled with cruel disregard for a human being and his family. It was written as a public trial and flaying of a young man who has most likely lost his life. His family is left searching for him, and your paper publicly crucified him.

This was someone’s friend, a family member and, above all, someone’s son. Their loss is beyond comprehension. The article that was written was one of the most horrific pieces of journalism I have read. This young man was one of ours; he grew up in Aspen and settled there. The author of the article, Rick Carroll, has no compassion for this small town and the people in it. The best picture you could do was a mug shot?

I was born and raised in Aspen. I knew Will, but I knew his mother even more. She was the guidance counselor at Aspen High School for years and changed the lives of countless Aspen grads, myself included. She and her family deserve more than this. This man was a war veteran and served our country. How was that so overlooked? I am not asking the paper to exclude unflattering facts, but to sum up a missing person based on past action is unacceptable. This town wants to know what they can do to help. This man is gone, and his family is in an unimaginable position. Public trial by fire was unnecessary and disrespectful to a local family who deserves more.

Claire Donnelly

Salt Lake City