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Letter: Environmentalist impact

Hey, Roger Marolt,

You actually may be an environmentalist. When you leave your house, do you leave most of the lights on? Do you leave the thermostat on 78 degrees or higher? Do you get into your F-350 Ford coal roller and drive to work and maybe pick up 2 pounds of groceries on the way home? Peeling out at every stop light and sign on the way?

Does your family actually use the recycle bin? Do you use old Aspen Times newspapers to start your fire in the fireplace? Or do you at least own a pellet-burning stove to supplement the heat in your home?

Are you the kind of person who stoops to pick up trash in a public area or are you the type to just throw it out of your coal roller when you are driving it all alone with no construction materials in the bed and no one in the crew cab?

I didn’t think so. There are hundreds of ways we can all do our part, most of them common-sense methods. Unfortunately, what I have seen in this valley are people who visit here and can afford it leave everything on when they leave a hotel room or a condo or house rental. Leave the heat all the way up and every single TV set on full blast in the rental. I am not saying every visitor does this, but enough do.

As for the cutting down of trees to make way for trails, does that not offset a carbon footprint if enough people use that trail for decades? Doesn’t that trail and sheer beauty educate the general public about open spaces, national parks and conservation?

I am in New Mexico part time and am amazed at how fracking has been essentially outlawed in Mora County, drilling has been stopped in the Galisteo Basin and other states are taking notice. Sure, we need oil and natural gas but we need hidden gems, as well. We also really need and deserve clean water. I have the feeling as oil prices start to go up we are going to witness more resistance to all out nonregulated practices.

Engineers need to invent a less polluting method, and quickly.

Miles Knudson

Santa Fe, New Mexico and Aspen

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