Letter: Entrepreneurship is a universal language

There is no doubt that love is universal regardless of race, creed, nationality or religion. It’s simply human. Similarly, people with children understand one another and can identify on how challenging (and fun) it can be to raise kids. Entrepreneurship is also universal. There are literally billions of entrepreneurs on this planet, and every single one of them goes through similar processes in arriving at decisions around marketing, sales, hiring, firing, growth, success and failure.

The Aspen Entrepreneurs and Investors Network’s mission continues to be, in part, to build a robust and collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem in Aspen, but at the core of that is to understand what it means to be a successful entrepreneur, regardless of the business type — to explore the ups and downs, the inspirations and perspirations, to learn from one another to increase the amount of successes and to understand the failures.

Join us today for our final event of 2015 with venture capitalist Rick Crandall and Gregg Heil, CEO of, at 5:30 p.m. at 525 E. Cooper St., Suite 204. Complimentary beer from Aspen Brewing Co. will be served to those of age.

Dave Mayer