Letter: Enough is enough

In the United States, we condemn the “terrorist actions” of the leaders of ISIS and Al Qaeda that brainwash young, marginalized and mentally unstable people who feel threat and hatred because of poverty, exclusion and suffering. These leaders entice, recruit and train at-risk individuals to commit horrific acts of violence against innocent people, all in the name of the twisted values they deem to be true. They create propaganda that convinces the oppressed that the only way to solve problems is through violence.

How is this different from the devastation that occurred on Friday, Nov. 27, at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Clinic? Robert Lewis Dear killed three and injured nine innocent people in the name of false pro-life propaganda.

David Daleiden is the founder of the Center for Medical Progress, the anti-abortion group responsible for heavily manipulated videos that purport to show Planned Parenthood doctors talking about selling fetal parts for profit, and altering their abortion methods so as to leave fetuses intact. After several in-depth congressional interrogations and court reviews, it has been ruled that the claims made in these videos are blatantly false. Yet the organization, members of the United States Congress, and 2016 Presidential candidates continue to spread the inaccurate information released in the videos.

Troy Newman, the president of anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, advocated for doctors who provide abortions to be “executed” in his book Their Blood Cries Out, published in 2000. He is financially backing US Senator and 2016 Presidential candidate Ted Cruz, and Senator Cruz has publicly accepted and welcomes his support.

Fear-mongering political leaders and authoritative figures are clearly preying on the concerns of people who don’t understand the truth in an effort to win political votes and secure funding from corporations and lobbyists looking who intend to further their causes.

Inciting extremists and manipulating the challenged/marginalized to the point of violence and murder is precisely the tactic of “Terrorist Leaders” of ISIS and Al Qaeda. In doing the same, United States representatives are behaving like terrorists. It terrifies me that they are in positions of authority.

In the USA, we are free to choose whether or not we advocate Pro-Choice or Pro-Life. That said, our constitution doesn’t give anyone the freedom to manipulate the truth (lie) and create coercive propaganda for their own financial or political gain.

It is time for all sensible Americans to stand up to our leaders and demand that they respect and follow the law. Those who spread lies and propaganda that incite violence and killing should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We should demand that David Daleiden, Troy Newman and their respective organizations be scrutinized by Congress to the same extent as Planned Parenthood.

Finally, please stop voting for politicians who lack the personal and political will to follow the law, and continue to impose their own personal religious agendas on the rest of America. President Obama is correct – “enough is enough.”

Barbara Owen