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Letter: Enforcing laws has nothing to do with hate

I read with interest the article on the many Basalt High school students who are Hispanic. It appeared to me that many of them are here illegally, though the article was not clear on this. I would assume that some may have temporary visas and some do not. It would behoove you to be more enlightening on this particular subject.

So now I would like to get something straight, and correct me if I am wrong, but many students who are illegal get to got to schools, be taught in their own language and also get to complain about how our election turned out, basically how we run our country. And the taxpayers get to fit that bill. And not only that bill, but possibly other bills, like Medicaid and food stamps. I can understand being sympathetic to a person’s plight, but where do you draw the line on which laws you enforce and which ones you turn a blind eye to? Now I realize no one in Basalt is worried that they are harboring a terrorist in their midsts, but what if the same lack of enforcement goes on in a bigger city, such as New York? As a native of New York, I feel it is only a matter of time before something horrible happens there. That is the fear. That is the reason for enforcing our immigration laws, which looks like hate, but is not. Personally I think all laws should be enforced, otherwise, what is the point? A slippery slope it is when a blind eye to one law may cause an avalanche of problems down the road, no matter how sensitive you may be to a single person’s plight. The future of helping people is not to bring one or two families to America, or to turn that blind eye to an illegal alien, but it is to find a way, through our government and other organizations to help people where they live. Look at the current situation in Syria and how long it has been going on. Our current president did absolutely nothing to help that situation. Would it help to bring a few thousand of the millions over here, taking a chance on what type of person actually comes? Well maybe it would help those few, but what of all the rest? It was not hate that brought about Donald Trump. It was the utter frustration of nothing being done in very trying times and the absolute need for something, anything to be done to help move our country along, as well as help others in places not as fortunate as ourselves.

Steven Cahn

Saint Marys, Georgia

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