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Letter: Endangered lodging base

Regarding the Base2 Lodge vote, there’s plenty of static and noise out there — frankly, from all sides of the issue. That probably makes it difficult for some in town to see and understand the facts of the case.

For me, one thing continues to ring true: With Base2, Aspen has a chance to add back a small batch of hotel rooms with amenities that will be fun, accessible and new. Our lodging base feels like an endangered species; this trend can be partially stemmed by supporting Base2.

I’d rather have more lodge beds over more high-end retail or another bank (no offense to all our favorite bankers in town). More small bedrooms or more small loans? You choose.

And while it’s true I love my old truck (a sweet ride, no doubt), gas stations don’t make my top-10 list of favorites, either. That fossil-fuel fountain currently generates a daily average of more than 200 auto trips. A real endangered species. Lodge uses generate a small fraction of that figure.

Vote “yes” on question 2A for Base2, and encourage two of your friends to do the same!

Dwayne Romero

Former Aspen city councilman