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Letter: End-of-life choices

As you may know, I rarely jump into campaigns for causes (or politics), but I feel quite strongly about having end-of-life choices. Voters in Colorado could decide in November whether physicians in this state should be allowed to prescribe drugs to allow terminally ill patients to “die with dignity.”

The Yes! On Colorado End-of-Life Options campaign needs 168,000 signatures by the end of July to get this very important matter on the ballot in November, so we need your help.

Colorado would become the sixth state to authorize medical aid in dying. Similar proposals failed in the state legislature this year.

A campaign in support of the ballot measure kicked off on June 21 with a rally at the state capitol. The measure would allow terminally ill, mentally capable adults to access medication that would allow them to “shorten the dying process if suffering becomes unbearable,” according to the Yes! On Colorado End-of-Life Options campaign. End-of-life decisions are very intimate and personal and they are best left to dying people consulting their families, their faith, and their doctors — not the government. This proposal takes government out of these personal decisions and allows patients to make their own choices about their life based on their health, their family’s input and their personal religious beliefs. This proposal is about allowing people to make their own choices about their life and their health care. Our laws should trust individuals to make their own end of life choices, even if they aren’t the same choices we would make for ourselves.

“We should respect the choice for those who want to end their suffering and be with family in their final days,” said Julie Selsberg, whose father died slowly from Lou Gehrig’s disease.

If you (or anyone you know) want to help circulate petitions to obtain signatures, sign the petition or help with an education campaign in the area, please let me know as soon as possible.

Randi Lowenthal