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Letter: Enabling elitism

Enabling elitism

Congratulations are in order to Aspen’s “other newspaper” for its April 1 edition, which so accurately exposes local, present-day, nouveau-riche dilettantism, in which its proponents travel the world, Gulfstream style, acquiring mansionettes in pursuit of eternal happiness on Earth.

Well, of course, they’re shoveling whale s— against the tide, for life on earth is short, and one day they are going to die, and some of them in the near rather than distant future.

What is most disconcerting to some Aspen locals is the denial of innate wisdom among those who ought to know better — specifically those who claim legitimate spiritual leadership.

For example, in the case of St. Mary’s Catholic Parish, its leadership corps (pastor, Parish Council, Finance Council and Building Committee) failed to understand that its older, wiser, experienced parishioners knew of the social chaos and economic injustice that would be brought here by such pretenders.

By entering the local undesirable, unwanted real estate development frenzy, and by continuing to accept and endorse real estate advertising in its weekly parish bulletin, St. Mary’s reveals itself as just another enabler to Aspen’s new undesirable, unwanted dilettante class.

Further, the idea that St. Mary’s can miraculously transform Aspen into another Medjugorje with the introduction of theologians from Alabama is, indeed, out of this world.

In this spiritual context, and among the seven cardinal sins, present-day Aspen champions lust and greed.

Rarely, if ever, does one hear a weekend homily (prior to the collection) on this excess, which virtually ruined the former relative peace, order and middle-class prosperity of small mountain towns throughout the American West.

Thus, if St. Mary’s new philosophy intends to combat secularism and materialism, it needs to come to terms with itself and develop the courage to go against the grain.

Art Allard


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