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Letter: Embrace the power of love

As I relax in bed with the treasure of my love sleeping close by my side, a roof over our head and happy, full tummies feeling ever grateful for the many gifts and abundance of love in our life, I am pondering the challenges that are before us as Americans and for our global community.

We are in an accelerated motion charging forward toward an edge. The edge of what remains to be seen. What drives us — love, anger, compassion or greed? Are we ensnared in past beliefs fearing change? Lost in the delusion that our way is all that is true? Confused by the mixed messages of love, control, freedom and dreams?

The truth is, all of those are moving elements within the structure of our collective being. The question is, what is the dominating force tipping us toward our future?

From my heartfelt perspective, it appears that throughout our global community, there are, in places, small fractions of people who believe that taking their communities into turmoil will achieve their goal of exerting their perceived ideals on the masses. I do and always will respect all perspectives; however, the premise of creating struggle or pain for personal good is something I endeavor to understand, and the journey of this search leads inevitably to weaken and control.

In each of these movements within our visible global community flows a connected thread, each with a similar intention and each hanging onto its self-conceived purpose by a thin burning thread over an abyss of pain.

If this skewed intention sounds familiar, reflect globally throughout history on the actions of any minority that wishes to exert its influence into the lives of the majority. The common thread is extremism in the direction of turmoil utilized to disrupt their community stability with the intent of seizing that off-balance moment to wedge their ideals into the masses during their momentary weakness.

Throughout history there have been moments when that intention has been based out of love and compassion struggling against tyranny for the better good in the hopes of creating freedom, strength and a unified community. In these instances the focus has been on the perpetrators and not the community.

There also have been numerous moments when a small group strives to impress their ideological beliefs that are centralized within their own micro-clan onto the larger community, and when rejected or ignored they reach into extremism, seeing that as their only option to forcefully influence and manipulate the majority.

If somehow in the most unexpected of circumstances this ill-perceived notion of influence takes root, it is held in place only with a burning thread around the necks of the resisting or unknowing and will soon enough burn or choke them into an uprising, setting them free.

In our beautiful life there is only one true way to influence a soul, and that is from one heart to another. Any other attempt is ultimately futile and will lead only to community disintegration.

Sadly, when an individual or group caught up in their own self-centered belief — that they are the apex of all they know — cannot convince or manipulate those around them, they become that which isn’t true to their born nature, leaving love and becoming that which challenges us at our deepest core, doing their best to weaken us.

It is so simple at times like these to slip into blame and anger. This is delusive and only compromises your ability to see love’s truth. Please resist this seduction, as it is the intended goal of turmoil to place you in that space.

It is imperative to maintain a broad perspective from high above, attempting as best you can to see and understand all perspectives, especially those you disagree with. Without this broadness of vision, you will never clearly formulate the truth of your vision, embracing the ideals of all.

In that broadness of vision evolves an understanding that allows you to feel and dwell in the hearts of those who most challenge and threaten you. In this clarity you will find a beauty and simplicity in communication that will open the hearts of the impenetrable.

With clarity of conviction, understanding all perspectives, please stand strong for that which will in all communities best stimulate the global good.

In this moment, at this instant, you have unlimited power to give and receive love or expand disfunction and anger. What do you choose? You have unlimited strength to share either. The choice is yours.

As I sit and witness the love and struggles of our remarkable global community, I firmly believe that, as we have done for millennia, we will charge with patience toward love. Those who see, in clarity, what is at risk if the energy of turmoil is permitted to prevail will take a stand for strength, compassion, freedom, communication and love.

In strength,

See truth,

In vision,

Be purpose,

In peace,

We are all love,

I will always love you!

Shahin Ebrahimi


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