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Letter: Embrace the 42-step program

It amazes me what some people complain about in this country. Doug Brown (“Forced to take the stairs in Aspen,” letters, Jan. 2, Aspen Daily News) is OK with the unplanned break-down of the Aspen gondola, but crying about a broken escalator at Highlands.

Doug, first off it is a meager 42 steps you are “forced to walk with your ski boots on, carrying your skis and poles up a very steep and pretty long staircase” — 42 steps! It has been idle for more than 10 days, so do some fact checking in the future.

One question: Do you hike Highland Bowl when skiing Highlands? If yes, that is 3,000-plus vertical feet! Consider the stairs a warm-up to the Bowl. You do realize you are complaining about walking up stairs to go do a physical activity such as skiing. You can always go ski Buttermilk, where the chairlift is only elevated 10 feet from the parking lot.

The escalator issues is out of Aspen Skiing Co.’s hands, and if the hike up 42 steps is too much, then by all means, wait for the “not-so-big elevator.”

I picked up a hitchhiker on Friday. He does some volunteer work with the Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club Adaptive Program and told me about a few members with no legs climbing up Highland Bowl, using only their arms and hands.

That made me humble, so be grateful you still have all your limbs and get to trudging up those 42 steps, Doug. And a happy new year to you, too.

John Norman