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Letter: Election math irony


Election math irony

Dear Editor:

I’ve been a bit perplexed by Wednesday’s articles in both local papers declaring the results of the mayoral election putting Steve Skadron in a run-off with Torre as a major victory, if not mandate, for the “pro-regulation/anti-business” platform. If you actually do the math, Steve and Torre jointly received 979 votes, and the three “anti-regulation/pro-business” candidates, Maurice Emmer, Adam Frisch, and Derek Johnson, received 1,111 of the total 2,221 votes cast. That’s 44 percent for Steve and Torre, and 50 percent for Maurice, Adam and Derek. The last 5 percent goes to LJ Erspamer, who somewhat straddled both sides.

If you exclude LJ’s 131 votes and just analyze the other five candidates, it’s a 47 percent to 53 percent split for the “anti-regulation/pro-business” candidates. So no matter how you look at it, this was not a mandate for the “pro-regulation/anti-business” policies of the current council, and in fact a 6 percent victory for the “anti-regulation/pro-business” voices. What an irony.

I hope this is something both Steve and Torre will keep in mind the next few weeks, and that the new council will also heed. Indeed, “the people” have spoken, even if our local papers have incorrectly done the math.

Congrats to all the candidates for a race well run.

Heidi Semrau