Letter: Education is important

There is almost nothing more important to a local community than the education of its young people and the quality of its schools. Here in Aspen, we are fortunate to have great schools, excellent teachers and a community with a tradition of significant school support. I am writing to urge all Aspen School District voters to help keep the quality of educational programs and staffing that we must have in our local schools. I am urging a “yes” vote on measure 3A on our local ballots.

Why is this needed? Because school funding from the state of Colorado is terribly inadequate to provide even the basics in our schools, and it keeps shrinking. It is up to us locally to make up the difference in lost revenue as the state continues to step back from the funding that our schools need. This is a tragedy, but fortunately with the commitment of our local community, we can help solve the serious funding shortfalls that face our schools. Fortunately, we have parents and other locals who are committed to helping to keep the quality in our schools. (Hats off to the Aspen Education Foundation!)

Our schools are important even to people who have no children. Schools and local education are part of the fabric of our community, and they involve all of us, not just parents of students. Educating our local young people is a commitment we all are involved in. I urge your “yes” vote for schools, measure 3A. There are no other options.

Warren Klug

Hotel manager, Aspen