Letter: DUI deserves more punishment

Six months with work release for a third DUI is not enough!

A relapse after two years of sobriety or not, Kenneth Maupin was driving a shuttle full of innocent individuals who trusted him to safely transport them from a wedding. Am I honestly to believe he “encountered some friends at the wedding and had too many drinks in too short a period”? First off, one drink in any period of time is too many when you are being paid to drive a shuttle full of innocent people! Second, am I also to believe his “friends” at the wedding just so happened to have a couple of extra 50-milliliter bottles of tequila for him to take with him?

Maybe more time in jail without work release would give Maupin time to think about his history of alcohol issues and the importance of not having another relapse in the future. Hell, the next time he could kill someone.

We are too lax in our dealing and discipline with DUI in this state. I stopped drinking because I noticed myself driving after too many drinks and I am not a person who only has a drink or two. My worst nightmare was to get a DUI or injure someone. Take responsibility for your actions! I have little faith in the judicial system, and this is proof why!

John Norman