Letter: Down goes the Red Ant

Down goes the Red Ant

Dear Editor:

What a great campaign. The confrontation that comes with Mick Ireland in an election (deserved or not) was not present, and he was smart not to impose it on us. On the other hand, Elizabeth Milias — aka the Red Ant — stuck with her tired old playbook. As usual, she was happy to call people names, insult those with whom she does not agree and make (keep) things very personal, obviously seeking to divide the community.

Without Mick to attack, she had to turn her ire on Torre and Steve Skadron, and once again, her personal insults are way out of line. Apparently she has no idea how this election could have gone this badly for Her Majesty — perhaps she should take a look in the mirror to see the answer.

How refreshing is it when every candidate in the race has humility and respect for their opponents? I saw a slate of candidates with open minds who treated the voters like it was one community with mixed opinions, not two warring camps seeking to destroy and hate each other. Thanks to each and every one of the candidates for that and the willingness to run. Congratulations to Art Daily, Ann Mullins, Steve and Torre, three of whom I know to be sincere, dedicated, community people and one (Ann, who I just met) who impressed me as having the same qualities.

Scott Writer