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Letter: Don’t use the r-word

Don’t use the r-word

It is with disgust that I pen my first letter to The Aspen Times. In Steven Hansen’s (aka, Ted Nugent) ranting letter to the editor, he refers to a group of people (I’m assuming Democrats) as “libtards.” According to OnlineSlangDictionary.com, this word is derived from “liberal” and “retard.” We are in the 21st century, Mr. Hansen. The word “retard” long ago has morphed into a slur and since has been replaced by “special needs” or “intellectual disabilities.”

I feel sorry for you, Mr. Hansen, as well as your online supporters, Michael Galvis and Maurice Emmer, that your world is so small that you feel it’s fine to dismiss and ridicule a segment of our population by using that word. My dear brother-in-law and sweet niece are both special-needs individuals. Despite your public disdain for people like them, they would gladly greet you with smiles on their faces.

You also use the word “shameful” in your letter. Well, shame on you, Mr. Hansen. After your “Donald Sterling-esque” comment, you wonder why people think you and others like you are out of touch? I suggest that you and your supporters put your laptops down, get off your collective butts and volunteer your time with special-needs individuals. Maybe then you can lose the hate and ugliness in your heart.

To the readers of The Aspen Times, please visit http://www.r-word.org, a campaign created by Special Olympics.

Janet Lattof

Snowmass Village

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