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Letter: Don’t raise the rent so high

We write on behalf of our dogs, Belle Dunton and BoJo Zasacky, who, in the absence of opposable thumbs, are unable to write this letter themselves. However, our letter really is addressed to Sally Hansen. We are responding to the front-page article in The Aspen Times on Aug. 24 titled “Dog days ahead for Aspen groomer,” written by Rick Carroll.

Our dogs are canine clients of Tailwaggers and have been for years. We depend on their regular appointments with Debby Farrell just as humans depend on appointments with their hairdresser. We have been loyal to Debby and she has been kind and gentle with our dogs. They look their best thanks to her canine tonsorial expertise. We and our dogs cannot understand why it is necessary to raise Tailwaggers’ rent to the point that Debby must relocate her business. Small businesses such as Tailwaggers are a critical component of our community.

We sincerely ask that you reconsider your rent increase for Tailwaggers and return to the 5 percent per year you previously accepted and to do so only for the remaining two years Debby hopes to work before retiring. This seems like a modest request on behalf of Debby and on behalf of all of the canine (and a few feline) clients who look forward so much to regular visits to Tailwaggers.

Ms. Hansen, please make it possible for Debby and Tailwaggers to remain in your unit for the next two years.

Thanks, and woof.

Thomas Dunton and Cindy Zasacky