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Letter: Don’t make downtown Basalt another Willits

Editor’s note: The following letter originally was sent to Basalt Mayor Jacque Whitsitt.

Jacque, who is making these decisions? I could not believe the article that Scott Condon wrote for his paper (“Basalt hires developer’s architect to work on plan,” The Aspen Times, June 17). The town has hired the architect firm that was designing the buildings for the developer, Lowe, to plan what we do with our open space at the park. What a gift to Lowe! Did you fire our taxpayer planning staff at our Planning Department? Also, our citizen volunteer Planning and Zoning Commission? Architects design buildings — planners design space. Why not an independent planning firm if you felt the Planning Department was incapable of doing its job? Please don’t Willits our small downtown!

Pauline Bowles