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Letter: Don’t just preach anti-bigotry

It was not so long ago that David Segal, rabbi of the Aspen Congregation, called for “working against bigotry — whenever and wherever we witness it” (Sept. 6, The Aspen Times). Either Segal has been away on vacation and not reading The Aspen Times or he is demonstrating the meaninglessness of his words. To address only anti-Semitism and ignore the Semitism, or Jewish racism, discovered in the bigoted anti-Muslim and anti-Arab comments and racist caricatures presented by Jewish fanatics (such as Maurice Emmer and Elaine Sandler) would indicate the sign of an irrelevant and biased rabbi, much like the Jewish leaders that Sue Gray identifies (Jan. 24, The Aspen Times).

David, it is past time to practice what you preach and earn your title. Maurice and Elaine, it is time to cease demonstrating your foolishness and childish obsession for attacking those who disagree with you, since not one of your letters provides a strong argument that backs your mythical Semitic belief system. Yet, after having read your mindless, hate-spewed letters and comments, I am convinced that you and others like you will keep digging your own grave at the expense of non-fanatical Jews and the American public who will be sucked into another Mideast confrontation ignited by Jewish fanatics represented so well in the pages of this paper.

Sean Elias

Glenwood Springs

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