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Letter: Don’t fold to Iran’s nuke-grabbing will

The major issue before our congressional leaders these days is the action to be taken or not taken regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action — the so-called “Iran deal.”

In another publication in Aspen, Cathleen Krahe wrote, “There is no evidence that Iran wants to be a nuclear armed country” (“No evidence that Iran wants nukes,” Letters to the Editor, Aspen Daily News, Aug. 16).

She misleads all readers due to her shockingly misinformed opinions.

Here is the evidence — first, the evidence as to its facilities’ purposes:

• Iran’s Arak heavy-water reactor has only one possible function, and that is to produce a plutonium nuclear bomb. There is no other use possible with a heavy-water nuclear reactor. Check any viable source on this matter!

• Why was the Fordow plant built inside a huge mountain with steel-reinforced concrete barriers? Why the secret if Iran’s intent is peaceful?

• Why is Iran enriching uranium well past the point of concentration levels required for peaceful use of nuclear energy?

• Why is Iran negotiating with America’s enemy — North Korea — to purchase intercontinental ballistic missiles whose only use is to attack or destroy countries on another continent, such as the U.S.?

• Why is Iran head-deep in the development of nuclear-triggering devices whose sole purpose is to set off a nuclear bomb?

Second, the evidence as to its egregious behavior to its citizens:

Iran is a country that violates every standard of human rights; Iran:

• Is awash with liquid petroleum that is easily accessible as an energy source.

• Has a record of imprisoning its citizens who resist its fascist tactics, including imprisoning, torturing and killing innocent citizens

• Has institutionalized the practice of brutally hanging those of its citizens who are gays and lesbians.

• Disregards the rights of women.

• Imposes its edicts on all who live in Iran.

What freedom-loving American would support such a human-rights-violating, terrorist-sponsoring nation?

Third, the evidence as to Iran’s many nuclear-development sites (which Krahe chooses to conveniently ignore): Anarak, Arak, Ardakan, Bonab, Bushehr, Chalus, Darkovin, Fordow, Isfahan, Karaj, Lashkar Abad, Lavizan (Lavizan-3), Natanz, Parchin, Saghand, Tehran and Yazd.

These numerous facilities have one singular purpose — to develop nuclear-war-making bombs to be delivered or threatened against any “enemies” of the theocracy. The first and greatest enemy of Iran’s thug-ocracy is the U.S., including those of us who live in the Roaring Fork Valley!

Is Krahe’s support for Iran’s “peaceful” pursuit of nuclear bombs a reflection of her disdain for the U.S.?

I urge readers to call both Colorado senators (Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner), as well as House Rep. Scott Tipton, to vote against the Obama-Kerry-Clinton capitulation to Iran.

David Kudish

Aspen and Miami