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Letter: Don’t cave into developer’s tunnel vision

Don’t cave into developer’s tunnel vision

To the Aspen mayor, Aspen City Council and the Aspen Planning and Zoning Commission,

This regards the request by developer Sunny Vann to build a “private pedestrian tunnel” connecting the two Dancing Bear time-share properties across Durant Avenue and a request for an amendment to reduce the number of parking spaces at the Dancing Bear.

Regarding the tunnel: There can be no doubt this project serves no purpose whatsoever other than to benefit the few elite timeshare owners of these two buildings. This proposal has nothing to do with the greater public interest of the people of Aspen. I agree, Durant Avenue has become full of traffic congestion, but there are other ways to reduce the congestion which do not include the building of an underground tunnel which would benefit few people, not to mention create a huge construction disruption to busy Durant Avenue. If these boys with their toys want to dig, let them dig a parking lot beneath Wagner Park — which would benefit the entire community, not just a few who want to traverse Durant Avenue.

Regarding the loss of parking spaces: Clearly this developer has not spent time on Durant Avenue or he would be aware there is a parking crisis on Durant Avenue, which is the result of the city allowing downvalley commuters to park in residential areas. Cars by the score arrive from downvalley and park all day on Durant Avenue creating a crisis for residents. It is not in the best interest of the community to reduce the number of parking spaces anywhere!

Please, let common sense rule — do not approve a pedestrian tunnel and do not approve the reduction of much-needed parking spaces. The crisis on Durant is insufficient parking.

Susan O’Neal