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Letter: Don’t believe the scare tactics

Don’t believe the scare tactics

The power of “no” and the power of fear are amazing. I received a mailing from opponents of Proposition 105, which would require the labeling of genetically modified organisms in our food. Their outrageous scare tactics claim it would cost millions of dollars and that the proposition is poorly written. In fact, it will cost each Coloradan two cents per year to fund this measure — a measly total of $124,000. Their example of the “poorly” written measure is that animals raised on GMO food won’t have to be labeled as GMOs. They fail to mention that these animals are not genetically modified.

We’d be better off listening to a debate between candidates or reading their beliefs rather than being bombarded with erroneous literature full of scare tactics and “no’s”! Reading an overview of proposals is more accurate than scare brochures or commercials. We need to pay attention to who benefits from all this negativity and fearmongering. Maybe we wouldn’t be quite so negative about our government if we could hear a candidate’s beliefs and goals rather than half-truths and fears from the opposition.

Instead of reading scare tactics, look at who publishes them. The opponents of Proposition 105 are mostly farmers and agribusiness that grow GMOs, along with those they’ve convinced through propaganda. The proponents are citizens worried about their food supply.

Finally, we need to vote. I’m tired of hearing how bad things are from people who won’t make the effort to inform themselves and vote.

Peter Westcott


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