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Letter: Doing what needs to be done

For several months now, a friend and I have been brainstorming how to convince the Open Space and Trails Board to design and build a bike path from the Brush Creek Intercept Lot to the airport so that bike riders from Snowmass Village could ride safely all the way to Aspen. It appears that Al Beyer, Benjamin Koons and Nils Koons had the same idea. Being more impatient than my friend and I are, they actually started building the trail. Their impatience harks back to the days before we had a sign law, when former Mayor Bugsy Barnard just went up and down the highway cutting down all the billboards that had sprung up. It verges on vigilantism: You just go out and do what obviously needs to be done.

My friend says that instead of Al and Ben and Nils being fined, they should have been given a choice of either paying the fine or accepting appointment to the Open Space and Trails Board. Just do the right thing, n’est-ce pas?

Jim Breasted