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Letter: Dog poisoning was not a mistake

Dog poisoning was not a mistake

I was absolutely appalled at what I read about the supposed poisonings of dogs in Oklahoma Flats. There is so much more going on here than what was reported in this article (“Sick dogs likely ate pot edibles, vet says,” The Aspen Times, July 10).

The neighbor in question has threatened several times over the years to kill the neighborhood dogs.

The last time she was in town, tainted chicken was thrown into our yard. Our dog was killed and a neighbor’s dog got very sick.

Dr. Ellen Miller said that the owners of the dogs were lying and simply embarrassed to admit that their dogs consumed edible marijuana. This is unconscionable and irresponsible. Neither of the owners knew or socialized with the other while both dogs got incredibly sick. Regardless of her personal opinion of medical or recreational marijuana, perhaps she should have tested for the drug rather than getting print time consumed with supposition and accusations.

As stated by one of the owners, there was no marijuana either smoked or eaten at either of the gatherings. Believe it or not, the attendees at both consisted of responsible adults enjoying the day and sitting around laughing and joking with some beer and food until their dogs got horribly ill.

Instead of assuming the owners of the dogs were liars and trying to cover up some mistake, perhaps they should be commended for getting their animals to a vet when they realized something was terribly wrong.

Nikki Hennings