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Letter: Dog etiquette

I’ve been coming to Aspen for more than 50 years since college at Denver University and I still enjoy all the wonderful scenery, winding trails, great parks and beautiful public areas, to name but a few of the many attractions.

Over time, the summer population has increased significantly, and the dog population has increased even more. In fact, the Humane Society reports that pet ownership has more than tripled in the U.S. since the 1970s, and my guess is that easily a third or more of Aspen visitors bring their dogs here to enjoy the great weather and places to explore. As a former dog owner, I think this is great.

However, while most dog owners I see here are conscientious with picking up dog waste, obeying the strict leash laws and being careful not to let their dogs bark or intrude on others’ space, we unfortunately have that segment of society that thinks these simple and courteous guidelines don’t apply to them. They let their dogs run loose, poop wherever they want without cleanup and bark loudly in public areas, seemingly oblivious to the fact that not everyone appreciates this lack of etiquette.

But, let anyone intrude on their “space” and I suspect they will be the first ones to complain.

Gandhi had it right when he said, “Be the change you want to see.”

It would be a huge improvement for all of us if some consideration for others was kept in mind when people bring their dogs to Aspen.

Gerry Trione