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Letter: Dog bite on Smuggler

I parked my car at the base of Smuggler Mountain for a hike Thursday. The noon whistle went off just as I started up. I was listening to a podcast as I walked. About 50 feet ahead of me, I noticed a couple with sleds and thought what fun it would be to sled down.

Shortly after passing the last house, the couple stopped to talk to a woman walking down the trail. She had a medium-size dog off leash. As a dog lover, I never worry about dogs on Smuggler. They are all having fun. This dog ran toward me, I assumed to greet me, sniff and say hello. I wasn’t concerned. However, the dog bit me on the upper leg, and I was quite shocked. I told the woman her dog bit me. She tried to get control of the dog but had some difficulty. I could not see a hole in my pants, so I continued on as she tried to get her dog under control. I was not in pain but was very shocked. This was completely unexpected.

Now I wish I had asked for her name and contact information, because when I got home I found that the dog’s tooth had penetrated my skin and there was blood on my thigh.

I hope that this dog owner, or the couple who spoke to her, will contact me with her contact information. I would like to be sure of the health of the dog. I am feeling concerned not with any monetary gain but with my own health.

There are rules about dogs on Smuggler. One important one is having them under control. This was a very unpleasant experience for me. Please help me contact this woman.

You can email me at carishurman@comcast.net.

Thank you.

Cari Shurman


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