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Letter: Do you want an adman or Superman?

Do you want an adman or Superman?

Dear Editor:

Now I want you, the Aspen voter, to picture yourself in a pinch in three different scenarios, and who would you prefer to get you safely out of each jam, Torre or Steve Skadron?

First, you are trapped by grizzly bear. You’d prefer Torre to get you out of this pinch because you know you cannot imagine Steve saving your life. Don’t you agree?

Second, you broke your leg skiing down Ajax in a blizzard with an avalanche on the way coming at you. You’d prefer Torre to get you out of this danger and safely down the mountainside because you know in this frightening situation you cannot see Steve getting you to safety and the hospital. Isn’t that right?

Third, you are being robbed at gunpoint in a dark alley. You’d prefer Torre to come to your rescue because you just cannot picture Steve being as heroic or fearless as Torre to be your Superman, your Captain America or your James Bond in this pinch. Wouldn’t you say so?

You see, courage, capabilities, anticipation, training, accumulated knowledge, and sensible calculations in tense, ruckus, wild, strange, complex, bewildering or dead-serious City Council sessions can be handled and made productive and fruitful by a Mayor Torre the helm with skillful executive “par excellence” behavior in a class act benefiting and befitting both the common man, the common woman and the Aspen community.

Sure, Steve is ambitious, but Aspen voters elected him for a four-year council term and not a two-year council term.

Would ambitious Steve jump ship if the governor of Colorado asked him to work for the state government administration, like another Aspen councilman did who left you hanging as he stroked the governor and made the governor look like an idiot, a sap, a chump?

Ambition should be tempered by a politician himself (or herself) with the public trust in mind, don’t you agree?

Oh, I forgot Steve is an advertising man, a Madison Avenue adman wannabe, who seduces you so you spend your money on needless things, convinces as a buyer that you that something is wrong with you so you are dissatisfied with yourself so you spend more money to hate your natural born self, and makes you compete with the Jones to consume more and more products that you don’t really need or want, isn’t that right Aspen voters?

Admen like Steve enrich themselves through subthreshol manipulation of people that’s written at length about the advertising industry for many decades in hundreds of books, newspapers and magazines. Can’t you see and understand that he’s similar to the Cheshire Cat’s smile in “Alice in Wonderland”?

If you don’t believe me about the American advertising industry, then go to your nearest public library to find the books and the newspaper and magazine articles about what I just mentioned to you. Your local library will help your search. Let’s face facts, OK?

Stay the course with Torre as your future hard working mayor of Aspen for you, your cares and your concerns about tomorrow. He’ll be the hardest working person in Aspen, and you can bet your bottom dollar on it!

Run, Torre, run! Win, Torre, win!

Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, Calif.

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