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Letter: Do you really want your water tainted?

First, thank you to whoever got rid of plastic bags in Aspen. It should happen all over the world. And to whomever is raising a stink about an unfair tax for paying 20 cents for a paper bag, please pack your (plastic) bags and move to a place that continues to pollute the world with plastic.

May I suggest we go after the plastic-bottle industry next? The amount of water needed to produce plastic bottles is phenomenal. Get your own bottle and fill it with nonpolluted, nonpoisoned water from the likes of Dreamtime in Aspen, which supplies nonfluoridated water containing only the minerals Mother Nature intended to be in water.

For those of you apathetic or bamboozled by people who convince you to believe the dentists, doctors and Pitkin County Health officials who support adding a nonnatural form of fluoride produced from the toxic waste left over from China’s fertilizer industry, then be my guest and drink all you want. Ask yourselves, why would we put a toxic chemical into our drinking water that maybe (unprovenly) helps a tiny segment of the youngest population. And one of their arguments is a segment of that population — a tiny, tiny segment — may not have the income capabilities pay for a fluoride treatment. Then I suggest you dentists make it available to those folks for free. If you can’t do that for the very few who may need that, then take the money we are paying to poison our water with this toxic waste and set aside a fund to assist those folks. Really, you talk of anecdotal evidence about this nonnatural occurring fluoride. There is more then enough evidence from reliable sources for anyone if you really care to research this issue.

Ask yourself: Why has most of the civilized world except us discontinued this practice? Well, we also are still executing people; that may be part of the problem. Unrelated but something to also consider. Thanks and thank you, Paul at Dreamtime, for the great water.

Brad Onsgard


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