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Letter: Do what’s right

An affordable hotel may be a good idea. But there are major concerns with the proposal for Base2. The interests of the full-time residents regarding the established codes have been ignored in the past, and we don’t want to establish further precedents.

The Conoco station is not in the commercial core and therefore all construction on that site needs to abide by the codes of multi-use area. Excessive variances in the past should not be a precedent for the future.

This proposal offers no affordable housing, which we believe in and is necessary.

A box as big as the Hotel Jerome, a big part of the history of Aspen, is an insult to us.

This proposal will completely change the look of Main Street and open the door for more boxes all over.

We do not want to set a precedent for giving developers everything they want. Mark Hunt has 10-plus more properties to develop, and we fear it will come up to challenge us in the future if such exceptions are allowed this time.

We want to welcome the Hunt family to our wonderful city, but we feel Hunt and his unidentified investors are more about making lots of money that in preserving our quality of life and the charm of Aspen.

Defeat Base2. Vote “no” on ballot question 2A

Mr. Hunt: This proposal for Base2 should be withdrawn, as it was last June, and adapted to the setbacks and all the other provisions of the code. Come back with another proposal that is within the guidelines and we will pass it. We are not against you. We are against the incremental loss of the appeal of Aspen and therefore in opposition to the exceptions you request. Please work with us instead of circumventing the requirements, which were established for a reason. City Council is not representing the wishes of the majority of the voters of Aspen with respect to this issue.

Cari Shurman

Martha Aarons