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Letter: Do something about climate change

Do something about climate change

Chris King’s guest column telling us not to worry about climate change because past threats haven’t materialized misses the main point: Those threats were avoided because we took action. We banned ozone-depleting chemicals to stop the ozone hole, made power plants clean up to stop acid rain, invented new technologies to increase food production, etc.

Chris proposes listening to the 3 percent of scientists (funded by the fossil-fuel industry) who question climate change rather than the 97 percent (mostly university/independent/government) who believe man is causing a serious problem. For decades, the tobacco industry used a few scientists to deny that smoking harmed health. Millions of people died because of this false message. Not surprisingly, the climate deniers have hired the same firms and lawyers used by the tobacco industry.

If we do something about it, climate change won’t ruin the earth. The win/win solution proposed by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a carbon fee and dividend, which places a fee on carbon and returns the money to individuals, similar to placing a tax on tobacco, but even better because individuals, through a free-market approach, will use their buying power to phase out fossil fuels.

Join either the Aspen or Roaring Fork chapters of Citizens’ Climate Lobby to do something about climate change.

Peter Westcott


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