Letter: Do local politicians care about constituents’ economic interests?

Do local politicians care about constituents’ economic interests?

GasBuddy, the online service that tracks gasoline price by city, reported Saturday that the price of retail gasoline in Aspen is $3.79 per gallon. GasBuddy also reports that gasoline can be purchased for $2.03 per gallon in Glenwood Springs and $1.95 at Costco in Eagle.

Why are the politicians in Aspen silent on the this? Why are the Pitkin County commissioners silent? Politicians not on the take would be expressing outrage in any other locality. However, we do not hear a word in Aspen. Not a word.

Why have none of our elected representatives called on the Federal Trade Commission or the Colorado Attorney General to investigate the situation? In most localities, the elected politicians would be pounding the table with outrage — fearful that their constituents would vote them out of office if they did not take action. Not here.

The high prices may be costing the average family in the Roaring Fork Valley $1,000 a year. Don’t the politicians in the valley care about the economic interests of their constituents? Apparently not. Apparently, the politicians only want to build more affordable housing so that the residents can meekly vote to continue the current elites in office.

I suggest the politicians wake up. Most of those living in the valley are seeing between 1 and 5 percent of their after-tax income stolen legally by the valley’s gas monopoly and their elected representatives are doing nothing. Nothing. There is an election in May. It will be interesting to see whether any of the valley’s quislings will do anything between now and then. It will be interesting to see whether candidates hoping to replace them will promise action.

Apparently, no one cares. Apparently, $500 to $1,000 is not worth the fight.

Philip Verleger