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Letter: Disappointed in your reporting

As an Aspen local who grew up here and was very good friends with Will Graham, I am deeply disappointed with your lack of decorum in regards to the article published June 8. Will may have dealt with struggles, but he was always a happy, smiling man with a heart of gold. Instead of looking at a police report and making immediate judgements about his character and life, maybe next time you could show some journalistic integrity and call some of his family and friends? If you had, you probably would have learned that Will was a military veteran who was on the front lines of Hurricane Katrina. He helped saved lives and provided security for the biggest natural disaster in modern American history. If you would have called some of us, you would have heard stories about how hysterically funny and sensitive Will is. How big his smile is. How generous and smart he is. How loyal of a friend he is. You could have visited his Facebook page and grabbed a nice photo, something that he chose to share publicly. Basically, you would have known how much Will means to his friends, family and community. I hope The Aspen Times and Rick Carroll learns a lesson by this journalistic failure and lack of compassion in future reporting.

To Geraldine, Billy and Wes, I’m so sorry this is happening. I hope you know that myself and the rest of Will’s friends are here for you. We will be happy to help you in any way you need. We all love and appreciate you guys so much.

Alex Brough