Letter: Disappointed in hospital

I imagined Aspen Valley Hospital to be a prestigious hospital, nationally ranked, a renowned faculty, top-of-the-mark physicians and the all-around best health care a person could desire here.

When I read the June 15 Aspen Times (Hospital accused of privacy breach”), I was shocked to read that an Aspen Valley Hospital human-resources manager gossiped about an employee’s medical records at a cocktail party. When this came out, the response by the hospital was very disappointing.

I have no doubt in my mind that had this records privacy breech been about a wealthy Aspen community member, things would have been handled differently. It is my hope this case will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and the harmed party will see justice prevail. Maybe then Elaine Gerson, Dawn Gilkerson, Stephen Knowles and Alicia Miller would truly learn to understand that missteps of the hospital in confidence between doctors and clients is a serious one. Shame on Aspen Valley Hospital for not living up to its reputation in the valley for excellence. It fired the wrong person!

Jennifer Vanian

Glenwood Springs