Letter: Dirty pool in Aspen politics

Dear Editor:

I would like to share the email, in full, that I sent to Councilman Steve Skadron after the May 7 election. I feel there is some misinterpretation about this email, and I’d like to clarify questions. First, it was not sent selfishly or disrespectfully. I have been asked not to run against a candidate in the majority of elections I have participated in; it is not uncommon. Second, I sent the email only to Steve, he then sent it to some people or one person, and they sent it to Curtis at the Aspen Daily News. In my opinion, it was intentionally leaked and then followed by coordinated letters, classic spin and smear. So here it is. Make up your own mind:


“I wanted to speak with you about not having the runoff. Let me say, I respect you and your representation, this is not meant to be disrespectful of your right to run for mayor. I think there are several benefits that would be very respected by voters. Firstly, it would save about $30,000 of taxpayer money. Second, it would show that we want to work together on the important goals we share. I think looking forward, this would send a strong message to Aspenites how much you care for the best of Aspen. I know your intention is to continue on, but I thought I’d make a mention.

“Thank you,


I have always run respectful, clean campaigns, and I will maintain that ethic.