Letter: Did you think this through?

Let me first make a disclosure concerning this issue. My son is a taxi driver for High Mountain Taxi. I am very disappointed in the decision of the City Council to subsidize a taxi service in competition with an existing business such as High Mountain Taxi. Having operated a small business in Aspen for many years, I fully know what it is like to try and do so. It is hard enough to maintain the business with the many pressures inherent to operating a small business without having the local government adding and providing necessary capital to a competitor. Can you not find services needed in the community that are not being provided that would benefit from such help?

My son likes driving a cab most of the time. His stories make me wonder why. He works long hours, usually six days per week with most of the hours being after dark. He does this in all kinds of weather. He does this with no benefits such as vacation, sick leave or retirement. A large part of his income is dependent on tips. He doesn’t need a City Council adding another challenge to his day.

Come on, folks. Think before you act. Talk to some people. Maybe even the local cab company might be a start. Check with some of the nonprofit organizations that would love to have some money to provide a needed service in the community. I think it would be alright to admit you blew this, and a do-over is in order.

Joe High