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Letter: Development presentations are skewed

Let me be abundantly clear. Point 1: The top of Mill is my home. What happens at the top of Mill, Monarch and Aspen directly affects me. Point 2: I create visual presentations for a living. I know when pictures lie.

This may be the point at which we need a Planning and Zoning Commission with serious 3-D skills to strip a developer’s dream down to what matters for the town.

Gorsuch Haus — Lordy Lordy, Lordy. There are epic visual presentations from both sides of the argument at http://www.gorsuchhaus.com/about-gorsuch-haus and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jnQuXX4Ov0, and both fluff the truth.

Here is what I want to see in a visual presentation: For starters, no unrealistic point-of-view, standard eye level of 5.5 feet, please. Do not use negative space to make things look smaller. Do not use forced perspective to make things look larger. No wider angle than human vision. No color cuing. Existing and proposed buildings the same value and hue, please. Don’t use camera tricks like dumping a big red blob down on the top of Aspen Street. And don’t use soft, fuzzy pastels to make the building look all cozy and friendly.

What would all the proposed buildings look like — this includes what the Browns are pitching — from the north end of Wagner Park and the lower catwalk (aka Summer Road)? What would the FIS finish look like from town, from the stands and, for extra credit, as it would be televised? What would a line of 100 skiers at the proposed Lift 1A look like? A simulation of skiing Norway to the new lift could be done for extra credit. Create simulations of a skier accessing 1A from Mill, Monarch and Aspen, starting from Wagner Park.

Pictures lie. We need the truth. I bet a 3-D simulation of all of the above would cost less than a referendum.

Ziska Childs


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