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Letter: Detail will come after advisory vote

Some quarters have suggested that there is a lack of detail for the proposed community use of Armory Hall.

While that is a valid observation, consider the following key points:

• This is an advisory question about fundamental use;­ there is no detail on the “office” alternative, either.

• There is reasonable detail for the possible “community use”: The nature of the use, configuration of spaces, concepts for operations, etc., have all been identified.

The core question is basic use, not a detailed plan of use, a request for funding or approval of any development plan.

It’s a bit like asking a friend to go out to dinner. It starts with a simple question: Do you want to go out to dinner?

After that question is answered, then one starts to discuss and identify where, when, type of food, cost, etc.,­ i.e., the details!

That is the same with this question: Do we, as a community, favor a community use for Armory Hall?

If so, all the detail necessarily will follow before any further action is taken.

And if that detail proves inadequate or unacceptable, then we can stop the process at any point.

Look at the detail already supplied, and then more detail will follow in due course ­— like going out to dinner.

Vote for “community use” on 2B. That is the core question.

James DeFrancia