Letter: Defending their faiths

So interesting to see two columns from writers defending their religions — Roger Marolt (“Defending the Catholic Church,” Commentary, Sept. 19, The Aspen Times) and David Segal (“On anti-Semitism, from Aspen,” Commentary, Sept. 6).

When I read Roger’s column, I was just amazed! So perfect explaining something lacking in our lives. I honestly have lately heard more criticism of Catholicism than Zionism, and Roger sets us straight on this issue.

I am a Lutheran now (Methodist by birth) but have for a long time had a strong belief that the Catholic Church has it right about reproduction. And anti-Jewishness is something coming in the guise of helping the Palestinians. Be careful of what you think, and if you haven’t read these two guys’ columns, please go back and do so. Roger must give some credit to his mom and dad — God love them!

Marlis Laursoo

Glenwood Springs