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Letter: Dedicated Democrats

Dedicated Democrats

With much appreciation, I would like to thank all those who participated in the Pitkin County Democratic caucus on Super Tuesday. More than 1,000 came, breaking our record in 2008 when President Obama first ran for office. It was beyond “messy vitality” — more like “disorganized organization” due to the fabulous turnout.

Thanks are in order: first, to Pitkin County Democratic Chairman Howard Wallach, and assistants, for preparing for and putting on the caucus. What a really big undertaking. Next, a job well done by precinct managers, assistants and secretaries as well as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders precinct captains in getting their people out. Special thanks must go to my superstar wife, Ruth, drafted on the spot, to be secretary. My “lumberjack” fingers simply could not turn the pages fast enough to check all of you in. Also, big thanks to Aspen High School for use of its facility.

What a really good turnout by the youth of our community. I am proud and enthused by your involvement, regardless of your choice of candidates. To be a Democrat, and a member of the political party of “people values,” at this critical point in time, with both the Senate and the House in the hands of the Republican obstructionists, is so very important for the future of our republic. You are the future of our party and will play an immensely important part in preserving the rights that so many of the older set have fought for, and paid dues for, all these years — as well as meeting the new challenges of the day. By our electing the next president and as a result choosing the new members of the Supreme Court, you will help ensure that you, and we, have a chance of accomplishing both. No doubt, hard work, in the many facets of life, will have to accompany party affiliation in order to make that happen. There are no free rides in life.

From a personal viewpoint, I love Sanders’ philosophical message. I have cared for, and fought for, these same values my whole life. Unfortunately, I, as so many of us, had to suffer through the George McGovern election in 1972 that ending up being the biggest Democratic defeat in modern presidential-election history. Idealism and the anti-war movement were the themes of the day. As a result of that defeat and eventual maturity (admittedly that took a long time), I learned to mesh that idealism with practicality. I sincerely believe, when considering the many variables, that Clinton has a better chance to defeat whomever the Republican circus nominates. Yet, at the end of the day, as a staunch Democrat, I will be proud to support Clinton or Sanders, whoever is nominated. I hope all of you will, too.

Jack Hatfield

Snowmass Village