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Letter: Debate Base2 on the merits

The misleading rhetoric of some of the anti-Base2ers continues to astound me. Ten million-dollar windfall? Ridiculous — don’t fall for that one or that the “box” is twice as big as allowed. Both of those arguments are being trotted out on the apparent notion that if you say a lie often enough, people will believe it. Remember, our mayor asked Mark Hunt to try and develop an affordable lodge. Kudos to Steve Skadron for starting the dialogue — though I would like to see Steve be more vocally behind this thing that he started.

I supported the prohibition of residential units (free-market and affordable) in the core of Aspen because I felt the core is our fun and our livelihood and it should be OK to be loud. Part of my opinion was based on the idea that we have lodging and rental density on the rim of the core that provides the beds for that vibrancy. To me, Base2 is in a perfect location for a small, affordable lodge in Aspen. With the Jerome, it helps define the downtown and puts Aspen guests on the edge of action.

We have the best possible promise that it will be affordable — room size. Small rooms rent for less than large rooms — can we all agree on that? These are 150-square-foot rooms — compare that with the Limelight at 500-plus. Affordability is relative. In Aspen, I believe that there is a market for this kind of room, and whether Su Lum deems it “affordable” or not, it will be less expensive than most of the downtown competition.

Scott Writer


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