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Letter: Curtains give idea of proposed City Hall

You can see it for yourself. No more guessing about how tall the new proposed City Hall building will be if the City Council decides on Tuesday at 4 p.m. to put all offices under one roof on the library park plaza.

The Hudson Reed Ensemble has just put up curtains in the library park plaza for its backdrop for its upcoming free performances of “As You Like It.” Show time is 5:30 p.m. for the next three Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (until Sept. 4).

The curtains are lower than the proposed new City Hall building.

Then walk down the stairs from the library plaza to Taster’s (a legacy, locally serving business for everyone with good food at a reasonable price) and ask yourself: Do you really want the city to kick out Taster’s and replace Taster’s with its new plan of a coffee-shop cafe?

Cross the street to the playing field, skateboard park, John Denver Sanctuary Park, Power House and the library plaza, turn around, and look at the view with the white curtains in it. Do we really want to lose that spectacular view?

Not to mention, the Aspen Chamber Resort Association’s visitor center would be moved to a less convenient location away from the parking garage, and that open space of parking lots and trees would be filled in with a City Hall building.

At the last work session, the council was leaning toward keeping City Hall exactly where it is. Good move. Another good move would be to take Mark Hunt up on his offer to sell to the city the former Aspen Daily News building, which is right across the street from City Hall.

As for the Power House building (former Aspen Art Museum), what a beautiful location for a community center! Please give your input to the mayor and City Council, or write a letter to the editor. I am sure our elected officials would appreciate hearing from you.

Toni Kronberg

Snowmass Canyon

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