Letter: Cultural peace is not childish

So, Mark Davis of Denver didn’t like my Aspen Times letter to the editor (“In my village,” April 10). He even found it puerile.

I admit the second paragraph ended obtusely. It should have read, “If these Christian bakers are all so high-minded, charitable and tolerant, why don’t they just tell their gay customers that they will be making an extra-large tithe to their fundamentalist church from the profits from the cake? That way we all win.”

To wish that we live in cultural peace instead of a culture war is not puerile. Remember that a culture of peace, diversity and tolerance is a pretty damn good foundation for living in peace, otherwise you tend to get signs such as “Whites only,” or signs from Germany in the 1930s that say “No Jews.” Or those that read “No Irish need apply” or “No Mexicans or dogs.” Otherwise, we get to read about the first-year anniversary of the 300 girls kidnapped into sexual slavery in Africa by a bunch of violent, religious fanatics who believe that they and they alone have the keys and the golden ticket into the afterlife, and the girls still have not been found and returned to their families.

May we live in cultural peace. May we live in peace.

Tom Mooney