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Letter: Cronyism at AVH


Cronyism at AVH

Dear Editor:

It was very disheartening to read about the details surrounding the unfair termination of Dr. John Schultz by the Aspen Valley Hospital board in Thursday’s Aspen Times article.

Dr. Schultz is an outstanding surgeon and member of our community. Aspen is supposed to be known for being forward–thinking; therefore, it is tough to comprehend why one of our largest nonprofit institutions, the Aspen Valley Hospital, is still employing antiquated practices like “exclusive provider” contracts.

This is truly doing a disservice to our community and the system must be addressed. In an industry as vital to our town’s health and wellbeing as the hospital, it is in all of our best interest to take action and push to stop AVH’s current practice of monopolizing care providers. A free-market approach awards business to those with superior patient care and medical expertise and that is what should be dictating who our doctors are, not exclusive contracts and cronyism.

Please help end these practices by joining us at 5:30 p.m. June 10 at the AVH board of directors meeting to voice our concerns on this issue.

Angela Yosten