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Letter: Crocodile tears

Mike Kaplan wrote a very heartwarming column about inclusiveness and the values of the Aspen Skiing Co. (“We’re still here,” Commentary, Dec. 27, The Aspen Times). Everything about it was perfect, except the gratuitous and unnecessary Donald Trump bashing. Mike isn’t the only one.

Local charities are making year-end pleas playing on the sorrow of people who mourn the election results. Will they ever get over it? Don’t they know there’s genuine sorrow in this world? Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba and a lot of Africa, for example. How would Kaplan and the charities react if Trump supporters had spent weeks (and I fear months or years) mourning the election results instead of accepting reality?

Oh, I forgot. This is Aspen. No reality here. Happy New Year to all.

Maurice Emmer