Letter: Critiquing the Jerome’s makeover

Critiquing the Jerome’s makeover

Dear Editor:

Recently I examined and evaluated the Hotel Jerome’s new interior design.

I felt rich; I felt good; I felt healthy as I took in the magnificent, opulent Art Deco decor flattered with an imaginative interwoven Western touch with cowboy and American Indian balanced prominence.

I was told the decor was neo-gothic. However, I had to correct the obvious mistake because Gothic deals with the forest (woodlands) and the druids worshiping in a forest clearing.

As I kept absorbing the predominant Art Deco of the Hotel Jerome, I kept thinking of and feeling familiar with Rockefeller Center on Manhattan Island in New York City. It fit so well with the Rockefeller Center underground passageways and shops as I once recall from decades ago. So rich. So pleasurably dream-like in reality.

The suite I was escorted to to examine was a satisfying elegance, not Hollywood chic, but upper-middle-class and upper-class stylish presentation. It would make a great home-away-from home for a Hotel Jerome dignified guest who exhibits good social graces and intellectual marveling.

For those of you who still disparage me, “Architectural Digest” testifies my high standards with a grandeur supreme.

“Richard H. Jenrette is a modern Merlin of interior design (“Past Perfect in New York City,” March [2000]). He achieved a masterpiece showing creative individualism, an artistic eye for stunning symmetry and an awesome respect for his hero George F. Baker because he ‘let the house talk’ and guide him.” (Letters, Emzy Veazy III, Architectural Digest,

June 2000)

My published June 2000 letter dealt with powerful bankers from the same banking empire, First National City Bank (of New York), which became Citicorp.

“In a brilliant display of teamwork, Messrs. Michael S. Smith, Oscar Shamamian, and Brian Covington thought beyond common chic to create an elegant home with, as the article says, “finer architectural heritage” for talent agent Kevin Huvane (“Hollywood

Comeback,” July [2012]). They transformed his domicile into an abode worthy of visits by British royals.” (Letters, “Collective Effort,” Emzy Veazy III, Architectural Digest, October 2012)

Now my published October 2012 letter dealt with the uber major Hollywood power player who just happens to be my fellow alumnus from Fordham University in New York City.

Give me champagne and caviar for knowing my stuff, OK? The Hotel Jerome is the place for me to hang out with my refined beautiful lady dates or my really special femme.

Enough said!

Emzy Veazy III