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Letter: Countering Beaton’s column

Glenn Beaton invokes Rick Santorum from 2012 (“Are Dems anti-science?”, commentary, Sept. 14, The Aspen Times). Instead of name calling, here is where I will be contesting the valley’s resident Fox bot.

• Anti-vaxers are as fringe on both sides of the aisle.

• GMOs: Show me any long-term study of the effects of GMOs. Two decades ago, the Food and Drug Administration granted GMOs the status “generally regarded as safe,” meaning they had no obligation to conduct long-term safety studies. Neonics, which are pesticides used on crops, use less amounts (which is good) but the Ministry of Health in Argentina linked these GMO crops and neonics to large increases in cancer rates around the vicinity of said crops.

The “golden rice” (you know, that “nutritious food that alleviates world hunger” you spout about) concocted for “less developed” countries was scrapped as it was causing blindness because it lacked essential vitamin A.

The International Journal Of Biological Sciences linked Monsanto genetically modified corn to organ damage. And significantly, 60 countries have banned GMOs altogether.

As far as marijuana is concerned, you actually prove in your argument that weed is in fact “no worse than alcohol.” Alcohol kills more than 100,000 people a year. Weed kills — wait for it — zero. Check drugwarfacts.org for tallies.

Alcohol and weed (and sugar for that matter) are indeed addictive, yes. And weed does in fact affect the neurological system, like alcohol. But alcohol singularly may increase breast/esophagus/liver/throat cancer. It may increase fatty liver disease, alcohol hepatitis and cirrhosis. Plus, alcohol increases risk of miscarriage, pre-term birth and stillbirth.

Hope you’re not “angry with me for reciting these facts.”

Marci Michelle

Snowmass Village